Notes from our past: 1984 to 1993

  • Government funding had been cut entirely in 1982, after a change of Government in 1984 it was restored to a third of previous levels. (It was cut again in 1992)
  • With the reinstatement of funding, AWEA’s first conscious application of Treaty policy occurred when we adopted a policy of having two co-ordinators – one Māori and one Pākehā.
  • In 1984-1985 the last AWEA Summer School was held at Bethells Beach. It focused on ‘isms’ – racism, sexism, classism and heterosexism.
  • Following exposure to structural analysis during the visit of Filip Fanchette in 1985 AWEA became very active in the development and disemination of structural analysis tools.
  • A generous bequest in the 1930s, coupled with the hard work of volunteers, enabled the AWEA in 1986 to buy its own premises, a villa in Grey Lynn.
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