Equity Matters

This 3 hour course is an introduction to the concept of ‘equity’ and its implications for practice.
The main purposes are to:
  • increase understanding of what the concept does and doesn’t include
  • identify strategies for promoting equity

Working as Allies

We offer 3 and 6 hour courses which introduce the concept of ‘Working as allies.’ The main purposes of both courses are to:
  • Increase understanding of the ally role
  • Consider some of the challenges of working as allies and responses to these

The 6 hour course Working as allies - in practice also allows participants to explore challenges and responses in relation to their own context/s.

Structural analysis

We offer a 3 hour course Structural Analysis - an introduction. The main purposes are to:
  • increase understanding of what Structural Analysis is and how it can be used
  • introduce some of the key Structural Analysis tools
Additionally, the 12 hour course Structural Analysis - application course allows participants to:
  • apply Structural Analysis tools to a specific issue

All of these courses can be provided for free to community groups and the public.  Find out more information about arranging or attending a free course or contact us to organise a course specific to the needs of your organisation.


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