Notes from our past: 1954 to 1963

This decade is not as well documented as others. It seems that it was a relatively quiet period preceding some very active decades.

  • In 1960 AWEA developed its first ‘official’ membership list. Membership cost? Two shillings and sixpence per annum. Circulating newsletters to members was part of trying to ‘bring back some of the old spirit into the lecture rooms.’
  • AWEA summer schools were held annually, generally between 27 December to 3 January.  This was seen to be a time when people may be lonely after Christmas.
  • The 35th summer school held in 1962-63 included lectures on diverse topics including: Soviet Literature, Māori Studies, The History and Influence of the Trade Union Movement, Creative Art and Using Your Library.
Notes Our Past 1954 1963 Collage