Notes from our past: 1994 to 2003

  • This decade was dominanted with dealing with the implications of the total withdrawal (again) of government funding which occurred in 1992 and continued until 2003. The impact of not being able to afford a part-time administrator was significant. A lot of energy went into survival and efforts to maintain the house and the organisation.
  • After a long process AWEA made the difficult decision to sell the house. The house was sold in 2000 and as a consequence a $30000 Roy McKenzie grant – given to support the provision of a base for community education – was passed on to Kotare Trust so that the purpose for which the grant was given could continue to be fulfilled.
  • Money from the sale of the house was invested. The focus from 2000 to 2004 was on using the interest from this investment to provide small grants to groups and organisations whose work aligned with AWEA’s aims.
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