Notes from our past: 2004 to 2014

  • This decade began with the re-established of an AWEA office, located in Otara alongside Te Tai Awa o te Ora, a Māori social service provider. This presence, in a community whose circumstances matched our kaupapa, supported the development of new networks and relationships. While we now had a physical presence we operated a ‘virtual’ office with key workers working from home (to avoid lengthy commutes) and a focus on delivery in community spaces. The organisation again became more outward looking, engaging with community education both locally and nationally.
  • The Treaty Resource Centre – He Puna Mātauranga o Te Tiriti was established as a project of AWEA in April 2004. In the last decade it has grown to be a flourishing project and a core part of our work.
  • Culture Matters was established in 2007 with a primary objective of promoting understanding of how to work more effectively in a culturally diverse environment, through exploring principles and practices which enhance inclusive and equitable practices across cultures.
  • In the early part of the decade we were very involved with the national body, FWEA. However in 2009 we decided to leave the Federation. Differences of interpretation about how the shared WEA constitutional purposes should be addressed were the main reason for this decision.
  • Supporting communities and developing relationships has always been at the heart of what we do – in 2010 we recognised its fundamental centrality by merging its various aspects into a single project – Community Sector Capability.
  • Skills in website development and publishing allowed us to make many resources for social justice accessible including: Structural Analysis tools, Thoughts on Social Justice, Working as allies and ‘tools for justice‘.
  • Despite a very productive decade, financial and organisational survival continued to be a challenge.  Reflecting on our 100 year history reminded us that these challenges were nothing new!
Notes Our Past 2004 2014 Collage